Click on any of the platforms on the map to build a tower on it.
After clicking on a platform, a dialog box from which you choose the type of the tower pops up.
If you have enough money the tower will be built, otherwise the dialog box will stay open.
You can click on the built tower and sell it for 60% of its original price.


There are three types of towers that you can build:

Junk Tower - It shoots out clumps of space junk collected over the years around the space colonies. It affects only one enemy and it has 15% chance of miss. It shoots at a fairly quick rate but it has a small shooting range.
Plasma Tower - This tower shoots balls of plasma matter and liquid gas that vaporizes in contact with other matter, causing damage on everything in a certain radius. It has somewhat slower shooting rate but it affects multiple enemies and has larger shooting range.
Rocket Tower - It shoots out space homing missiles when an enemy gets into its shooting range. Rockets navigate towards the enemy with a 100% chance of hit. If an enemy dies before impact, rocket detects that and changes its target to the nearest enemy. This tower has the same shooting rate as the junk tower but it has a much larger shooting range.


Killing enemies earns you money for building more towers.
You are faced with four types of enemies:

Rabbits - Notorious bandits. Fortunately they are small and slow which makes them just a bunch of cannon fodder.
Dogs and Cats - House pets from hell. They are quick and strong. You will have a lot of trouble with their kind.
Bears - Radioactive beasts. It takes a lot of gun power to bring these mountain made animals down.


The story takes place some 150 years from now.
Furry animals have taken over the Earth and forced mankind to exile into space.
And now it seems that the Earth isn’t big enough for them cuddly foes.
Your mission is to prevent the waves of furry animals from reaching
the last remaining human colonies on the edge of the Earth's hemisphere.

Does mankind stand a chance? It all depends on you!
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Humanity is DOOMED... no biggie
Humanity is saved... for now!